Monthly Archive June 2018


SEO optimization and positioning of a website implemented in the Zend Framework

For our Customer  we  made code modifications and optimizations of a multilingual website, implemented in the Zend framework, oriented towards SEO optimization and positioning.

The Customer’s website is based on a custom CMS system, supporting multilingual content with subpages placed on separate subdomains. A number of solutions supporting SEO optimization and positioning are implemented. It turned out that the adopted solutions introduce a number of restrictions and do not allow real effects of positioning in strong foreign competition.

The corrections we introduced removed duplicate meta-description, removed meta-keywords, corrected automatic meta-title generation, so that automatically built suffixes for titles of different categories of subpages were configurable for each language separately. We have introduced a number of other changes by modifying the so-called helper classes, controllers.

We’ve also made an initial seo meta-title’s optimization, meta-description and friendly links.

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