WordPress booking calendar plugin


WordPress booking calendar plugin

For a local services company customer, we have written a plugin for CMS WordPress that implements online booking and calendar functionality. It can be used as a simple system of registering and booking online visits with minimal costs of a virtual server where the company’s website already exists.

The plugin gives the option of embedding the form using a shortcode on any subpage of the site realised in WordPress. The validity and security of the entered data is ensured through validation of javascript in the browser and php on the server side, including captcha mechanism. The plugin offers a certain flexibility to suit individual needs, such as the ability to define a schedule for several employees, a package of services offered with features [duration, price], company calendar using different rules and a set of intuitive configuration options such as setting the colors corresponding to the status of terms, notification messages, etc. Reservation is confirmed by e-mail with the possibility of enriching the graphic design with e.g. the logo of the company. In the administrative panel, the owner of the company has the ability to check status of every reservation on the selected day, adding and deleting reservations.

The plugin is dedicated to service providers such as hairdressers, beauty salons, eg hair removal, manicure, eyelash extensions, stylists, spa, cosmetics, dental, psychological, psychiatric, gynecological, ophthalmic office etc. It will help in booking tennis, squash or golf courts, gymnasiums etc. There is a possibility to adjust or modify the plugin according to individual customer requirements.

The plugin can work as standalone solution or can be integrated with bigger system also working on a virtual private server.

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