Custom advanced products and post types search for WordPress


Custom advanced products and post types search for WordPress

Advanced websites retrieving data from a database, e.g. product catalogs, online stores or e-commerce systems for the convenience of the customer and in order to easily reach the desired product must have an advanced search engine.

The WordPress system has a built-in search engine. Also in the WordPress plugin catalog there are solutions that allow you to search the custom wordpress post types database. In practice, the variety of products and their features often requires the creation of an ergonomic dedicated search engine.

We offer the implementation of advanced, custom product search engines in the WordPress / WooCommerce system:

  • extensive search forms,
  • search by tags,
  • search by custom fields,
  • search for custom post types,
  • customized search results page,
  • customized pagination,
  • advanced search filter,
  • ajax filter and results reloading,
  • dynamically changed results order,
  • dynamically builded sql queries to the database,
  • other.

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