Enterprise intranets

Internet technologies work well not only in the public network, but also in the internal space of large organizations. The corporate intranet has been a de facto standard for several years. The corporate portal facilitates communication, where often due to the size of the years, employees may not get to know each other personally or do not know about their existence until the need to jointly carry out an unusual task. Typical corporate websites include elements such as contact book (most often specialized), department pages, company event calendar, company documents generally available, such as identification system, form templates, procedure instructions, procedures, etc. The availability of such resources on the intranet results in less workload. other employees from the most typical information tasks. The employee can find them himself, the information is complete and constantly updated, therefore the effects of the “deaf phone” are minimized.

Intranet for companies – modules and functionalities

We offer implementation of complete company intranets using Symfony, Yii, Zend and possibly CMS Drupal / CMS WordPress frameworks, combined with existing technologies in the existing IT infrastructure of the organization. Below is a list of examples of standard corporate intranet modules that can be implemented for the above technologies:

  • contact book taking into account the organizational structure,
  • browser of the company’s organizational structure,
  • calendar of events and company news,
  • company and employee advertisements,
  • company content repositories (eg knowledge base, ready-made form templates, corporate identification system),
  • corporate search engine,
  • company departments and divisions,
  • employee websites,
  • enterprise forums and forums of organizational units,
  • room booking system,
  • system of settling telephone connections with company phones,
  • holiday applications,
  • HR data registration system,
  • statistic data,
  • a repository of company reports,
  • other.

The advantages of open-source solutions

Open-source solutions based on PHP technology have many advantages that should be used to build a corporate intranet. Although the PHP interpreter itself was created more as a hypertext preprocessor or technology of dynamic website templates, in application applications it works best as a presentation layer with limited processing efficiency or limitations in the implementation of complex or time-consuming business logic, however, a wide adoption by developers, a large number of solutions , libraries or modules makes this technology quite attractive.

There are a number of solutions that in terms of extended functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics are not inferior and even can be confidently said that they outweigh commercial solutions. Being open solutions they enable individual customization and extension according to the individual needs of an organization, which is not always possible or profitable in the case of commercial products.

There are solutions implementing:

  • integration with the SOLR search engine (for the purposes of content management, so-called content management),
  • integration with commercial enterprise technologies such as LDAP, ORACLE databases, MS-SQL,
  • extensive system of entitlements,
  • scalability,
  • intuitive, pleasant cascaded stylesheet libraries,
  • support for taxonomy,
  • a large number of ready-made modules, such as calendars, etc.
  • the possibility of implementing integrated, dedicated applications,
  • many other.

If you are interested, please contact us. We have experience in both freelance, corporate and contracting. In the case of more extensive deployments, we cooperate with proven and experienced partners as part of a larger programming team, also in other technologies such as Node.js, Java Spring or ASP.NET.