Website of a travel agency in WordPress with specialized theme


Website of a travel agency in WordPress with specialized theme

For our customer –  a tourist agency – we have created a website with WordPress, selected modules and a specialized graphic theme.

The main functionality of the website is  the presentation of offers of trips, pilgrimages, trips, holidays or holidays. Each of the offers can be assigned basic information such as:

  • offer name
  • price
  • date and time of departure
  • description
  • basic photo

For each offer it is possible to add a gallery of photos from the trip and a map from the trip, so that the potential client has the opportunity to get acquainted with the proposed attractions.

The offer page also presents other related offers that may be of interest to the potential customer.

The solution introduces the possibility of creating additional dictionaries describing or categorizing a given tourist offer. By default, this is primarily a hierarchical taxonomy of the location, but also, for example, the scale of the difficulty of the trip or the minimum age of the participant. The owner of the site can introduce additional dictionaries, eg types of holiday (slimming, countryside, rehabilitation, family, spa, health or abroad holiday), a dictionary of groups of offers like first minute, last minute, hit of the week, all inclusive, add promotional prices etc.

Searching for offers is possible thanks to the search engine available from the home page or advanced search page.

The solution facilitates the positioning of the offer in search engines.

Each offer may be accompanied by a booking form. It is possible to integrate with the sales system, eg WooCommerce and electronic payments. Website capabilities can be extended with the use of additional plugins with the functionality of ranking and opinion.

The selected theme together with the module can be used to implement every site for an online or normal travel agency.

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